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last update: 20/Feb/2023

Holistic Dance Therapy

Qualification course in Holistic Dance and Movement Therapy

Dance therapy is a body-oriented psychotherapeutic modality that uses dance and movement as a medium for healing and integration processes. It focuses on the creative expression and authentic movement of the individual rather than on set, choreographed moves.

Holistic Dance and Movement Therapy (HDMT) was developed by dance therapist Barbara Hundshammer. It combines aspects from depth psychology, family therapy, humanistic psychology and modern body therapies with the latest findings from eco-psychology and eco-therapy.

The aim of HDMT is to heal not just a person’s estrangement from themselves, their family and society, but also the underlying alienation from the natural world around them. Which is why this approach is referred to as "holistic".


"To be present in our body is a form of awareness and it is a first step toward being kind to ourselves and others. In coming into our body we become connected to our greater home, the earth; we become part of the earth and she a part of us." 
(Linda Hartley, Wisdom of the Body Moving, 1995)