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last update: 20/Feb/2023

Eco-therapy/Deep Ecology

Eco-psychology, Eco-therapy and Deep Ecology

In the face of many and varied global problems such as climate change, scarcity of resources, atomic waste, species extinction etc., more and more people are feeling powerless and overwhelmed and often close their minds to information that goes beyond their direct environment.

Baumscheibe in Herzform mit Kontinenten Eco-psychology explores the relationship between people and their planet and sees the endangered state of the Earth as a sign of an estranged relationship between individuals and the world around them: Individually and globally, human beings are having a destructive effect on their environment – and at the same time this crisis in the external world is having mental and physical effects on the individual. These can show up as depression, anxiety, burnout, feelings of panic or paralysis.

So far, classic forms of psychotherapy have barely concerned themselves with the link between inner and outer nature. This is where eco-therapy comes in, bringing the relationship between individuals and their environment back into balance through direct contact with nature.

Deep ecology helps you to view your own pain and worry about the world as "healthy" and to re-establish a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you. This can mark the start of a personal as well as a social transformation, which is rarely achieved through pure knowledge of the environment or moral appeals.

The work of American eco-philosopher Joanna Macy is a particularly creative and comprehensive method of deep ecology. Her "Work that Reconnects" influences zibko’s work with eco-psychology and dance therapy.

Courses offered

zibko offers talks, day seminars, weekend workshops and certificate courses in the fields of deep ecology and eco-psychology. Other focus areas of our work include dancing in nature and combining body awareness, movement and deep ecology.


Barbara Hundshammer would be happy to hold these courses in your town or centre on request.