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last update: 20/Feb/2023

Course structure and content

This 1-year certificate course is taught in a manageable group of 10 - 14 people. It is spread over 8 weekends (or 6 weekends plus an intensive 4-day seminar) and comprises 176 teaching units of 45 minutes each.


  1. Introductory seminar: This introductory session gives you an overview of the course content so you can decide whether it is definitely right for you.
  2. Creativity without limits: developing movement with materials, pictures, guided imagery; aspects of selecting music
  3. Basic principles of movement: elements of movement according to Laban; kinesiology and contact improvisation
  4. Body awareness, language and expression: anatomy in movement, body image, awareness training, posture
  5. Flowing movement – inner movement: basics of Continuum Movement and evolutionary movement 
  6. I’m being danced – authentic movement and dance therapy: improvisation, movement topics, basics of dance therapy
  7. Basic principles of group management: active learning, group dynamics, didactics and methodology, preparing to run your own dance business
  8. Final seminar: exam