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last update: 20/Feb/2023

Barbara Hundshammer

Barbara HundshammerBarbara Hundshammer

Born 1961, married with 1 son


Further training:

Professional experience:

1987 - 1995 German teacher and educational social worker working with migrants
since 1992 Leading groups in creative dance, sacred dance and dance therapy
since 1995 Offering individual consultations and courses in kinesiology
since 1999 Runs own dance therapy practice
1997 - 2002 Instructor and trainer of therapists at Centre for Integral Dance and Expressive Therapy (CITA) in Munich
1997 Founded the "In BeWEGung kommen" ["Get Moving!"] Centre, which offers the following qualification courses:
  • since 1998: Certificate in Sacred Dance Instruction
  • since 2002: Certificate in Creative Dance/Healing Movement Instruction
  • since 2007: Qualification course in Holistic Dance and Movement Therapy
since 2004: Specialising in eco-psychology and eco-therapy, courses in deep ecology and dancing in nature
since 2014: Specialising on body-oriented trauma therapy

Member of the following professional organisations: